About Bitumen Export

Bitumen Export’s mission is to introduce the top best bitumen suppliers in the middle east. Finding reliable petrochemical products suppliers can be a little bit difficult since numerous websites and companies claim to be a supplier of the petrochemical product.Therefore, Bitumen Export helps the customers to find the best and the most reliable suppliers in the world. As a matter of fact, trusting someone who you don’t know properly and haven’t met before may result in some hardships. Consequently, looking for a trustworthy supplier is essential.

Bitumen Export classifies the bitumen suppliers according to the factors below:
1) Knowledge
2) Experience
3) Delivery
5) Quality
6) Price

As we may know, in business, especially importing and exporting goods, the knowledge and the experience of the person or company with whom we are working is determinative in the credit of him/company. Knowledge and experience, bring credit and reliability to a person or company. If a company has years of work experience, then trusting that will be much easier.

Delivery time, as another factor, needs to be paid attention to when choosing a company to work with. If the delivery time changes against what mentioned in the contract, financial loss, extra costs, and other issues will happen.

The packaging is another important factor that should be considered by customers. If we want to bring an example of the petrochemical packages, jumbo bags, drums, and other types of packages should be chosen according to the type of the product and the quantity. Wrong and inappropriate packages, would cause lots of troubles, even danger to either the buyer or the seller.

The last two important factors are the price and the quality of the product. The price of the product should be calculated according to the quality of the product and its market.

According to what we mentioned above, we suggest the qualified bitumen exporters for you and make the work easy for you.